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Every character in Confederate Express has a specific set of skills, and as you complete missions and kill enemies, you are granted with an ability to improve on of them:

Skill Leadership.png
Skill Leadership attributes.png
It is very important to have a crew member with a leadership skill. Not only it gives a hefty experience boost and suppresses the panic state for your team, it's also very useful for roaming the world map, since you can see what kind of special events are happening around. We will touch more on the world map in our future update.
Skill Medic.png
Skill Medic attributes.png
Every great team has a great support, so having this team member is crucial, especially since only medics can obtain a very important skill: resurrection. With a defibrillator in hand, it takes only few minutes to recharge and bring your fallen comrade to life.
Skill Marksman.png
Skill Marksman attributes.png
This skill is pretty straightforward: The higher the skill, the greater the character's aim. As a result you will have a better combat efficiency and leaner ammo preservation. But be careful: if the skill is too low, your crew member might not be able to handle some of the bigger weapons.
Skill Engineering.png
Skill Engineering attributes.png
This is one of the few classes that can play a crucial role in your crew's equipment. Not only he is able to modify and upgrade weapons, he can also repair and even craft new ones. Be sure to have an engineering kit, since every master needs to have his tools.
Skill Explosives.png
Skill Explosives attributes.png
A dream skill for a demolition man. Set, defuse and even craft your own explosives with this skill; then lean back and watch the red gooey goodness quickly fill the screen.