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Confederate Express is a team-based strategy-oriented tactical RPG from Kilobite for the Windows PC. The goal of the game is trying to survive while delivering a package from point A to point B. Each successful delivery makes a lot of profit, which can be spent on equipment and hiring better crew members! Packages vary by size, weight and fragility; the harder the delivery, the greater the rewards. Game maps are randomly generated, and each sector is uniquely hand-drawn, so every time you play it is a different and engaging experience!

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Year 2064. The greatest invention has been discovered: a Homeostasis Chip - or simply, "h1 chip" - allowed human body to be operated via small computer that essentially sustains perfect health indefinitely, ultimately granting immortality to anyone who installs it. However, it had a small side effect: your body keeps living even after it's death. That led to 2068's h1 chip worldwide ban and an accidental global zombie epidemic. This is where you come in! Your role might be minor - just a small package delivery company called "Confederate Express" - but it is very important nevertheless! Having your package lost in transit can be a huge hassle, especially when there are hordes of zombies walking outside. Accidents happen, and sometimes the inevitable loss occurs, but don't worry! Your crew is being completely outsourced by a disposable staff of ex-cons, gladly provided to you by the local penitentiary.



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